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On the matter of being in and out of a body

Not too long ago, one of my students had what she described as an “out-of-body experience” in a restorative yoga practice. It reminded me a bit of the experiences described by some of transcendental meditators that I used to hang around. Those amazing yogis had the most intense meditation practices of anyone I’d ever known. […]

Making Space for Contentment

I’ve just returned from leading a 4-day summer retreat that was all about cultivating contentment. Santosha (sometimes spelled samtosha or santosa, as well as several other variations) is one of the niyamas or recommended habits and practices of yoga. Santosha is described as a state that is essential for changing the future. Yep. I know. […]

There’s more to strength than big biceps

This past month I’ve noticed a fair amount of discussion of “shows of strength”, from politics (“North Korean Missile Launch Fails, and a Show of Strength Fizzles”) to fitness (#bicepswinraces.) It’s got me thinking about strength, specially the Sanskrit word vīrya. Of course it only takes a few moments of holding a warrior 2 pose to convince anyone […]

Snakes in the Grass

Not long ago a whole group of kids were playing after school in the neighborhood park. All of sudden, two kids came tearing out of the wooded area at top speed, screaming their heads off. “A snake! A snake! A SNAKE!” Predictably, my two boys – Jack and Will – immediately dashed up the hill in […]

Where is the love?

During recovery from surgery, a student of mine asked her doctor when she would be able to return to her asana practice, adding, “I love yoga!” Her doctor simply replied, “Does yoga love you?” It’s a question worth asking. How many times have you come to your mat as a way to “fix” something that’s […]