Aligned Vinyasa (Willow Street Yoga)

Aligned Vinyasa offers a continuous flow of postures in which students become more fluent in asana practice. Students will build endurance, improve their ability to move with the breath, and strengthen and refine transitions between poses. Students must be familiar with principles of alignment, in good health, and free of major injuries. For students Level I/II and up: at least one session of Level I/II+, taken concurrently or as a prerequisite, is strongly recommended. Class schedule

Get Up in Handstand (at Willow Street Yoga)

Handstand is invigorating and empowering… unless you can’t get your feet off the ground. Then it is just disheartening. If you’ve been struggling to figure out the logistics of kicking up, or you can kick up but then have trouble staying up, this class is for you! We’ll start with kicking up at the wall, work on balancing at the wall, and then practice balancing near the wall without feet touching. This progressive class will help you face your fears, answer your questions, and demystify the mechanics of handstand so you can get up more gracefully and balance more effortlessly. For students practicing in Yoga I/II+. Class schedule

Hatha (at Realignment Studio)

This Sanskrit term means “effort” and describes a type of class that helps you find the optimal combination of effort and ease via thoughtfully-created sequences of poses. You will leave you feeling balanced and rejuvenated. Class levels are all levels unless otherwise noted as Gentle and Basics, both suitable for beginners. Class schedule

Meditation (at Realignment Studio)

30-minute sessions during which you’ll be comfortably seated on the floor with the support of props and/or blankets. You’ll practice breathing exercises (pranayama), hand gestures (mudras), chanting, and a guided meditation to help you anchor into the earth, clear your mind, and connect into higher consciousness. After the guided portion you will have a chance to explore stillness through silence. Class schedule

Yoga Abs (at Willow Street Yoga)

Forget about crunches designed to give you “six pack” abs and explore a new perspective on a strong core. Cultivate strength, stability, and ease with yoga postures and breathwork. All levels welcome. Class schedule

Yoga Basics for Beginners (at Willow Street Yoga)

Discover how yoga helps you to build strength and flexibility in your mind, body and spirit. Intended both for very beginners and occasional or lapsed practitioners, this course familiarizes students with alignment principles, key yoga postures, and fundamentals of yogic breathing. Everyone welcome.
Class schedule

Yoga Core & More (Blue Heron Wellness)

Using varied alignment-focused yoga sequences, this class will help you develop core strength and awareness in mind and body to help support you on and off your mat. All levels welcome. Some yoga experience required. Class schedule

Yoga I (Willow Street Yoga)

Yoga I introduces beginning and continuing students to principles of alignment and breathwork, primary poses and yoga basics, including use of props. Emphasis on standing poses and opening the shoulders. Class schedule

Yoga I/II (Willow Street Yoga)

For continuing students who have completed Yoga I. Emphasis on building endurance and introducing Yoga II standing poses. Suitable for students who have studied other styles of Yoga, but NOT suitable for those who have never studied Yoga before. Class schedule