Tara is authentic, joyful, and friendly. She teaches with clear, detailed, and precise instructions with great sequences that build so that I get everything I need to be able to do the pinnacle pose with greater strength and flexibility than I expected. She’s great at giving care and attention to the class as a whole and to individuals. I also love her depth of knowledge around yoga philosophy and her ability to connect the ancient knowledge and stories with everyday life.

-Anna Gilcher, Takoma Park, MD

I feel like the entire session was an exercise in taking license over your own body and breath.  I feel like everything about the instruction came from this place of ownership – from the stories, to the placement, to the demonstration, to the modifications, even invitations to do none of it   I never felt like if I didn’t do an asana, I wasn’t participating in my yoga.  And I think that’s so important for a new yogi, especially nowadays being bombarded with over-the-top asana images.  Magnificent!

-Maria Elena, Takoma Park, MD

I had tried different styles and teachers of yoga in the past, but I never felt “at home” in any of the classes. I was lucky enough to have Tara as a coworker several years ago, and she inspired me to try again and take a series of classes from her at work. It changed everything for me! Tara introduced me to a much more playful and positive approach to yoga, and I have shifted from viewing yoga as something I “should” do to something I “get to” do. Tara’s helpful guidance along with plenty of humor and fun along the way make class a joy.

-Meghan Jennings, Washington, DC

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Blue Heron Wellness 10723 Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20901
Realignment Studio 641 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003
Willow Street Yoga – Takoma Park 6930 Carroll Ave, Takoma Park, MD 20912