Restorative Yoga + Zero Balancing Workshop in Brunswick
with Stan Fox, Certified Zero Balancer

Location: Roots & River: A Gathering Place for Yoga and Other Joys
17 West Potomac St. Brunswick, Maryland 21716

Date: Sunday, June 10

Time: 2:30-5 pm

Zero Balancing photo

Spend an afternoon resting and reseting your nervous system with the magical combination of Restorative Yoga and Zero Balancing. Restorative Yoga is a series of fully supported passive yoga postures designed to create a safe space for your body to release tension. As a relaxation response is initiated, you create the

opportunity to observe and learn your body/mind’s process of tension release and what rest and relaxation feels like.

Zero Balancing is a gentle, hands-on modality that supports and aligns each person’s physical structure with their energetic health. Through light finger pressure and gentle traction, ZB invites the release of deeply held tensions in the bones, joints, and soft tissues.

In this workshop, you will practice several restorative poses as each person in turn will receive a 10 minutes of hands-on Zero Balancing, fully clothed on the massage table.

Cost: $40