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Welcome to Tara Lemerise Yoga’s thriving online community. You’ll find camaraderie, kindness, heartfelt connections, and precise movement instructions. This is yoga based on ancient wisdom and adapted to be relevant to your modern life. Tara will help you shift what needs to be shifted in body and mind with focus, joy, and compassion.

Tara Lemerise doing yoga on the image of a laptop

Move easily, breathe fully, rest deeply and live joyfully with Tara Lemerise Yoga.

Tara Lemerise, E-RYT-200, is a yoga teacher based in the Washington, DC area. She offers yoga classes online with participants joining from all over the world.

Tara is known for clear, encouraging instructions. Because of this, her light-hearted yet studious approach to yoga leaves you more joyful and more at ease.

Tara’s classes include action-based instructions in asana (posture practice) that are informed by her study of anatomy, kinesiology, and creative movement. Tara’s teaching is deeply influenced by Restorative Yoga and its effects on the central nervous system. As a result, Tara provides plenty of opportunities for stillness and introspection in her classes.

Practice Restorative Yoga postures to arm balances and everything in between in her live-streaming and on-demand classes.

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