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We might need compassion instead of solutions

Is your default compassion when someone is going through a tough time? Mine definitely isn’t! The other day a friend texted me and I asked if I could give some advice. As soon as we started talking on the phone, I realized my friend was going through a really rough time. So I started offering […]

7 Types of Rest You Need

Rest with Restorative Yoga. Sounds so simple, right? But when I’m feeling taxed or overwhelmed or run down, my go-to is lay on the couch and binge on home makeover or cooking shows. Or I’ll catch myself doom scrolling the socials. Especially lately with so much drama in the political landscape these days! But you […]

Confessions of a Bored Yogi

Confession: I used to avoid savasana. (I know, I know. The Restorative Yoga advocate is here saying I used to skip savasana. I can hardly believe it either!) Savasana only felt necessary to me after I’d completed punishing asana practice or some super fierce pranayama practice when I could really feel that my body absolutely […]

What Are Your Obstacles?

The other day a friend shared this:   Does that sound familiar to you? It certainly does for me and I felt joyful about my friend’s feeling of victory. However, why we are compelled to inaction? If we know that yoga will make us feel better, why not do it? I think naming the obstacle […]

The Essence of Stillness

My son Will is a dreamer, a thinker, a creative mind kind of kid. Sometimes I’ll catch him just sitting still, staring at this elaborate set up of LEGO vehicles and figures on his bedroom floor. I once asked him what he was doing. In a voice dripping with annoyance, he responded: “I’m playing. Obviously.” […]

In Honor of Trees

A long time ago when I first began practicing yoga, I took a class billed as “advanced yoga”. I remember feeling nervous when I signed up that we’d spend the whole time in headstand or doing drop backs. Instead we worked on tree pose for 90 minutes. It was incredibly illuminating. I heard familiar cues […]

Truth and Change

The other day I noticed that my daughter had moved the clock in her room. When I asked her about it she told me that the nightlight on the clock was making the cat figurine on the shelf look creepy. I proceeded to give her this long “mom talk” that I remember hearing when I […]

When We Forget

I taught my last in-person class on March 14, four and half months ago. It’s been a time of such upheaval. But it’s also been a time of soul searching, a call to dig in deep and find the stuff we are made of at our core. What better time to be a yogi? Yoga […]