Live-Streamed Classes

Join a live-streamed class via Zoom for the camaraderie, kindness, heartfelt connections, and the precise movement instructions you expect from Tara’s classes.

Want to join but in hard place financially? Tara maintains a fund to cover the cost of classes for anyone who is unable to pay for any reason. If you would like to utilize these funds to cover the cost of your classes, contact Tara and she’ll make it happen. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please click here.​

Live-streaming not your thing? Check out Tara Lemerise Yoga On-Demand.

Tara is also hosted by studios in the DC area to teach online classes. Click on host studio name below for more details.

hosted by Blue Heron Wellness
10:15-11:30 AM Yoga II

hosted by Lighthouse Yoga Center
6-7 PM Hatha Yoga

hosted by Blue Heron Wellness
10:15-11:30 AM Vinyasa Flow

hosted by Blue Heron Wellness

10-11:15 AM Core & More

hosted by Blue Heron Wellness

6:15-7:30 PM TGIF Restorative Yoga

You’re just the best! Thank you for bringing a piece of normalcy in these uncertain times. I look forward to practicing with you again.

Jenn S.

Thank you so much for doing these online classes. You are keeping me active and sane. And your classes, as usual, are absolutely brilliant.

Merilee J.

I write with a belated thank you for yesterday’s class.  I felt more buoyant in body and spirit afterwards, remarkably so.  You are a gifted teacher, and it was wonderful to reconnect, albeit virtually.  Hope to “see” you again soon!

Danica S.

Tara! Great class! And great to take your class again. Yay—with arms up! Thank you so much for making this possible —wonderful to take such an exhilarating class without having to make the 40 min drive.

Carolyn D.

Class was WONDERFUL this morning – just what I needed to start the day.

Debbie Q.

That class was just what I needed. It actually felt really comforting to see friendly faces on the screen! I’ve been doing some yoga at home through apps and it’s just not the same. Thank you!

Jennifer P.

Thank you for this morning. It was really great to see and practice with you! I’m not sure if you saw but halfway through my daughter came in and did some with us. I think she felt grounded by the practice too.

Jill S.

Thanks for a great practice today. Seems like this is a great way to rebuild stabilizer muscles back in my knee. Thank you for doing this at home, especially as PT (not to mention yoga) is shut down. It makes a world of difference!

Tom S.

On Wednesday, my knees and hips were like “WHAT IS HAPPENING???” since I hadn’t been on the mat in a long while…but it still felt good to do what I was able to do, including a highly assisted half moon — one upside of my small studio apartment is on top of my blocks, all sorts of  chairs and tables are within easy reach when I need a little extra stability. And my down dog was still pretty darn solid, so I haven’t totally lost my yoga mojo.

Amy S.

Tara, that sweet morning practice with you and so many of your fans, students, and grateful folks did my soul and body good. Thank you!

Janice S.

Thanks so much for class! It was a great way to start the morning. I’m a yoga novice and it was a great class.

Kelly O.