About Tara

Tara Lemerise teaches the time-honored philosophy and practice of yoga in an accessible and joyful way. 

Registered with Yoga Alliance at ERYT-200, Tara has been teaching yoga philosophy, movement, and meditation since 2005. She has nearly 8,000 hours of teaching experience.

According to Tara, there is nothing to “fix” with yoga. Instead, there are only more opportunities to understand and be more fully present to our separate and together experiences.

Tara is known for offering clear and helpful instruction to students at all levels.  She makes the wisdom of yoga feel relevant and relatable. Students appreciate feeling they are a unique and valuable part of Tara’s community.


Tara’s classes include action-based instructions in asana that are a result of study of anatomy, kinesiology and creative movement. The themes of Tara’s classes are inspired by Hatha Yoga’s philosophy and stories, much of which she learned during many years studying under the guidance of “The Swamis of SE”, Swami Jyotir Vakyananda and Swami Abhipadananda. In addition, Tara provides plenty of opportunities for stillness and contemplation in her classes, which are deeply influenced by her study and practice of Restorative Yoga. 

Personal Life

Her husband Drew, their three children, a big grey cat named Gandalf, and a retired guide dog named Astra live with Tara in Rockville, Maryland.

Education Highlights

B.A. in Philosophy and Comparative Religion, American University (2005)

Willow Street Yoga Center 200-hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training with Suzie Hurley, Moses Brown, Jenny Otto, Joe Miller (2005)

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 & 2 with Jillian Pransky (2011)

Yogahour Teacher Training with Darren Rhodes (2013)

Relax & Renew Level 1 with Judith Hanson Lasater (2013)

Experiential Anatomy with Judith Hanson Lasater (2015)

Om Yoga Restorative Teacher Training with Cyndi Lee (2017)

Om Yoga 300-hour Teacher Training with Cyndi Lee (2021)

Lead Teacher Training Experience

Tara is currently the lead teacher trainer for the 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Lighthouse Yoga Center.

Tara led the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Capitol Hill Yoga in 2015 and 2016 with Stacey DeGrasse and Betsy Poos. From 2017-2019, Tara led the 200-hour​ ​Yoga​ Teacher​ ​Training program​ with Joe Miller at Willow Street Yoga Center.

For the last six years, Tara has led her highly praised continuing education program for yoga teachers called Rest for All: Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.


“Tara has all of the traits and skills that make up an exceptional yoga instructor and educator. No matter what level, or how big or small a class may be, Tara makes everyone feel like they belong and comfortable doing yoga. Tara has a boundless amount of energy, a natural confidence and presence when teaching, and creates a calm, centered and joy filled space for every class. Her love for what she does is obvious to anyone taking her classes, and her love of yoga is transferred into every student who takes a class with her. The joy I experience taking Tara’s classes stays with me as I go about my life and daily routine. Her ability to convey a profound joy for not just yoga but for living life to her students, is to me, the mark of an exceptional teacher. Which is why I enjoy taking her classes every week!”

Herman GoodyearTakoma Park, MD

“I went to a I/II yoga class at a studio [away from home] with a teacher that had no mention of accommodations we could do instead of the full expressed pose. I wasn’t the only person struggling but I was the largest body in the room. Thank goodness that I have an amazing yoga teacher in the DMV that has taught me how to modify poses for my body without shame. Thank you Tara for pushing in my body and thank you for showing me how strong I am and to celebrate this body I live in. Those lessons helped me get through a difficult class without beating myself up. I ultimately moved away from DC and I’m so happy that I can now participate in live-streamed classes with Tara.”

Layla RiveraDurham, NC
“I love how Tara think of us, her students, holistically. She addresses not just getting into the poses and doing the thing–but who we are as people and what each pose might teach us. She brings herself fully to her classes and I’m always so grateful for her warmth and positivity too. Tara has become the bar against which other yoga instructors are measured.  I am so grateful that her classes are online now and I can still enjoy the practices even all the way over here in WA!”
Sarah C.B. GuthrieSeattle, WA